Lobby in  Tehran

A client in Karaj- Tehran (Iran) and the president of the condominium asked me to give them ideas on how the appearance of the lobby of a residential building could be improved to increase rental value.


First they sent me pictures of the empty lobby. As you can see in the photos from "Before", you can see a long corridor with poor lighting, and the wallpaper in the background absorbs the little natural light that enters the room. Much of the space is wasted. The president of the board didn't want to use wallpaper or light colors because of the polluted air in Tehran.


They also needed a seating area with an artificial fireplace where residents could receive strangers or wait for a taxi. A cloakroom for hanging coats or umbrellas, a mirror table, and plants that add a natural touch complete the area.


The solution

In the seating area, the sofas should be dark in color and made of a durable material that can withstand prolonged use. They wanted art on the walls that was not very expensive but modern. On these photos they sent me, I started overlaying wallpaper, seats, lamps and art on the walls etc. (mood board).


All owners should submit design ideas. I sent mine, which they liked so much that I received the overall project which consisted of a suggestion for lighting, color and decoration of the walls, seating area and mirror area. In the “Before” photos you can see the empty lobby, but I also placed my first idea that convinced them of my work quality. Although they liked the idea, it is difficult to find all the parts in a country that is economically blocked. Wallpaper of this style is difficult to find or to have printed.


Although working on photos seems realistic, it is very limited and I have started to create the floor plan and 3D views with the software "Sweet Home 3D".


Despite the president's rejection of my suggestions of bright colors on the walls to improve the lighting, I insisted that then we should use colors that, while not dark, could be light colors like yellow in wallpaper - washable, and the little natural light reflective coming from a north facing window.


I also increased the lighting with ceiling lamps as there are only spots that glow very weakly, some of which are also damaged. I've suggested a few posters that can be framed as an upgrade.


* Limitations of the Sweet Home 3D app *


I want to make it clear that in one of the photos the wall looks black. But it is not really like that, it is a yellow wallpaper like in the background of the seating area.

In addition, there is no mirror table selection in the program. I had to make variations with tables and, for example, put a frame that belonged to a painting on the mirror. I no longer work with this app, but with Google SketchUp


The project has been approved so far. However, it will not take place until the budgets are approved. This is my first remote design job for clients from a country where I know little about their culture and tastes, but we know that functionality and beauty are universal.


Feedback from my mentor Lena:

"I am very impressed with your work! Here you have implemented your vision of the room, how it could work efficiently and effectively. You have clearly identified and analyzed the target group of your selected medium.

Through color, light and depersonalization you let the room shine in a new light.

The selected section is exciting and attracts the viewer's eye. The trendy colors harmonize with each other and the selected accent color is repeated in the picture to offer the viewer a harmonious overall picture. "