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Akustikplanung - Raumgestaltung -Beleuchtungskonzept

Feedback from our customer:


"In the beginning there was the basement. Everything that was superfluous was put in the basement. Then a corner was cleared to provide a computer and a microphone for vocal recordings, and an old sofa served as seating for guests and customers. Sound recordings of the vocal groups in The church became more and more frequent, the software and filters became more and more professional, and then the idea of completely converting the basement room into a recording studio developed.


The result is phenomenal. The room invites you to work, the coloring has an absolutely positive effect on the mood, and thanks to the acoustic insulation you can hear music completely new - without annoying reflections. The room is no longer a basement room, it is a place of creativity and the experience of all kinds of music. Thank you, Ana de Mastmann. "

Manuel M.

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