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Welcome to deMastmann Home Studio


In deMastmann Home Studio we believe that everyone deserves  inhabiting inspiring spaces. We've been creating interesting, comfortable and individual rooms since 2019 in the German territory. Our competence lies in our versatility, flexibility, attention to detail and our limitless inventiveness. We take care of all of our customers and fulfill every request. Let our studio make your dreams come true.


Interior designers –


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samples of material, wood , on concrete

Room planning

Room planning

Building preparation

Lighting Concept

Material selection

Lighting concept

Spatial planning encompasses various aspects, including planning and designing the room layout, choosing furniture and decorations, color schemes and lighting, and integrating technical systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

With our room planning services, we can design each room individually. Whatever your design needs, our team of professionals will turn your office or home into a beautiful place. Contact us today!

From furnishing to material or color choices, we add our customers' unique style and personality to each space. Beautify your room with our decorative and practical construction preparation! Get in touch with us today so we can get started!

Making spaces functional, attractive and comfortable while also reflecting the individual needs and personalities of the users.

It is a plan or strategy for designing the lighting in a specific space or building. It usually involves choosing lighting types, positions and levels to create a desired atmosphere, ensure functionality and maximize energy efficiency.

Our services related to the lighting concept fulfill the specific needs, requirements and tastes of each customer.


A renovation is a big project that requires a lot of planning. Putting all these pieces together, such as: the budget, bringing all the professionals together and getting the job done on time can be really challenging. Leave all of this in my hands. You give me an idea and I'll make your dream come true: modern and loving interiors that you will be proud of.


our philosophy

 deMastmann Home Studio team members are committed to actively listening to our customers and ensure that they are satisfied with our work from the start. We believe that an intensive exchange of ideas between the customer and the designer is a crucial part of any design process.

The focus on advice and conception with us helps to guarantee high quality work and efficient time and budget management.

We are here to cater to the wishes and needs of our customers. This is how we create true works of art together.

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Ana de Mastmann

As a experienced engineer, I bring creativity and innovation, the ability to find solutions to any problem, strong leadership and attention to detail. As a designer, I offer you the passion for beauty and good taste.

Your renovation project is safe in my hands.

Contact me.



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